Big changes and opportunities with Facebook brand pages

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out redesigned ‘brand pages’, which will follow the timeline format which they introduced for individual users earlier this year.

Is this is good news for museums? I think so. The timeline format puts updates in the context of an organisations history, allowing them to tell their story.

While Facebook used brands with long histories like American Express, Coca-Cola and Burberry to showcase how the timeline can be used to illustrate their stories, it isn’t hard to imagine how a museum could use this to tell the history of not just their organisation, but the history of art, a nation or the earth.

Though it should be noted that Facebook only currently let brands add milestone back to 1800 and backdate posts to 1900.

The switch to timelines is going to make the history of your timeline more accessible to your fans, so now is probably a good time to have a spring clean and to look for opportunities to add new content.

The new Facebook brand pages offer the opportunity to create profiles which look more aesthetically pleasing. As with profiles for individuals these now include ‘cover photos’, this is a large image which appears at the top of the page. This is important real estate, so think about how you can use this space.

Facebook have put limitations on this image, banning brands from using this space for calls to action such as ‘like this page’ or ‘discounts on our website this week’.

With this update Facebook have also stopped brands from using custom landing tabs. These were a key marketing tool which many brands used to tempt Facebook users to click ‘like’ with discounts and contests.

Facebook are giving brands until March 30th to prepare their content for the new style of pages, so you have a few weeks to get ready.

2 Responses to “Big changes and opportunities with Facebook brand pages”

  1. GLen McLeod says:

    That’s great! Maybe I can tell my story and find a museum that will want to display the burl shack!

  2. Alessia says:

    Hi Jim,
    thank you for your comment, but I just want to make a specification.
    Facebook haven’t stopped brands from using custom landing tabs. In fact, you can still see them as personalised icons/”name to click” on the top-right of the page. I think tabs will change their role as part of a brand page, but they will become more crucial for adv campaigns. There are already some examples of this, even if not in the museum sector.