Incomplete Manifesto

This is an ‘Incomplete Manifesto for the MuseumNext’ as presented by Jim Richardson at the Join to Create conference in Amsterdam on 19 January 2010. This brings together thoughts on how museums and galleries can use technology to create more engaging experiences for visitors:

1. We will evolve
Technology has caused a cultural shift; the way that people act is changing. Museums must evolve to meet these changing audience expectations.

2. We will shift from the didactic to dialogue
Museums should be platforms for exchange, accepting that everyone can have something valid to contribute.

3. We will be open
We should use technology to take people behind-the-scenes and to give them direct access to our staff and expertise.

4. We will empower our audiences to make us better
We will use technology to create new opportunities for our audiences to volunteer their time to help make our museums better.

5. We will build personalised experiences
Museums need to look beyond delivering the same experience to all their visitors and use technology to give personalised experiences.

6. We will be social
Technology should be used by museums to bring people together and extend the reach of our community projects.

7. We will put the audience in to the story
We should give our audiences the opportunity to be the protagonist in the museum experience or story, acknowledging that many people prefer this way of learning.

8. We will be platforms for creativity
A museum should not only be a place to see other people’s creativity, it should be a platform to encourage everyone to be creative.

9. We will exist beyond the physical museum
Technology enables a museum to engage with people outside of its physical location, increasing geographic reach and the impact which it can have.

10. ?
This tenth point has deliberately been left blank, what do you think it should be? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

5 Responses to “Incomplete Manifesto”

  1. 10. We will be inclusive
    A musuem should find a way on a social web to reach out to and engage more diverse audences from different social, cultural, and geographic backgrounds! Museums need to know who connects to them and why; but even more they need to understand those who stay away and WHY…

  2. Alethia says:

    10. We will be near you/working with you
    Technology will allow museums to get curators, scholars and other experts together even if they don’t live in the same place, so as to create an inclusive experience. The main curator will orchestrate the museography, while the ‘field’ experts bring up ideas. Imagine online conferences & different opinions with regards to a particular exhibition held at the same space and beyond (through live stream, blogging, etc.).

  3. MuseumNext says:

    Hi Natalia

    Perhaps being inclusive can be added into ’5. We will build personalised experiences’ if I reword that description a little? Yes we should certainly strive to use technology be inclusive.


  4. MuseumNext says:

    Hi Alethia

    Great point, I think this can be added in to ’9. We will exist beyond the physical museum’ if I reword the text to describe the kind of connections between curators, scholars and other experts you suggest. Thanks


  5. Irida Ntalla says:

    Museum need to re-think the notion of space and the interactions of the multiple spaces.
    10. Museum will be a constant ‘becoming’