A New Museum Engagement with Data-centered Community Story Archiving System

January 14, 2014

Hosan Kim & Sunhyuck Kim,
Lock Museum, Urban-Play (Seoul, Korea)

This project is the first archiving project in Seoul, Korea that is focused on the stories of the Ewhadong people. It was a collaboration project with the Lock Museum located in Ewhadong and URBANPLAY, a story experience company.

They continued the project under three development strategies for a community based story archiving system. The first strategy was ‘to increase search possibility of community story archive’. The more searchable the archive data was, the more valuable the data turned out to be.

The second strategy was ‘to develop semantic element within people’s story’. They collected the people’s stories and linked them by elements that gave the possibility of semantic search among their memory.

The third strategy was ‘to encourage crowd-sourcing from public experience’. They added a comment function that enabled people to write their experiences by mobile during the exhibition period.