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Erwin Elling

Erwin Elling is a farmer's son, music lover and co-founder of strategy startup Inspired by Coffee. He works with organisations to design and implement durable digital strategies.

Growing up on a farm he learned that whereas hard work and new tools might work this season, understanding and balancing all elements involved is key to ensure harvest for years to come.

He builds on years of experience leading teams that design and produce new media for energy companies, animal clinics, publishers and artists like Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon.

Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson is the founder of British design group Sumo, a leading creative agency with an international reputation for promoting some of Europe's best known museums and galleries.

Jim regularly speaks at conferences about digital marketing and social media for the arts and cultural sectors, sharing best practices at conferences in Europe and Asia.

He has contributed to publications including The Art Newspaper, Arts Professional, Museums Journal, Museum Practice, Museum ID and Heritage 365 magazine.

Jim is also the founder of the international museum conference MuseumNext curating a programme centered around how museums can benefit from new technology and the latest web trends.

Jasper Visser

Jasper is a cultural innovator and co-founder of Inspired by Coffee, an agency for digital strategy. He helps cultural organisations discover new ways to reach and engage people with a special focus on new media, technology and innovative business models.

Jasper worked on a variety of projects worldwide, most notably the Museum of National History in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for digital strategy and participation. He regularly speaks internationally about cultural innovation, gives workshops and keeps the blog

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