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Our Digital Engagement Framework workshop is delivered inhouse to staff from across your organisation. This approach brings together many different perspectives on how digital can help a museum to achieve it's objectives and allows us to step beyond seeing digital as just a marketing tool.

Day 1

Module Global contents
Ambition Organisational vision and values
Digital media goal setting
Target audiences and key assets
Platforms Social media, websites, mobile media, apps
Audiences and content
Strategies for different digital platforms
Engagement From passers-by to brand advocates
Conditions for online engagement
Participation and interaction
Developing engagement activities

Day 2

Module Global contents
Outreach Reaching out to new audiences
Web 3.0 and 4.0
Market research and listening
Developing outreach activities
Metrics Determining success
Measuring and reporting success
Making it work Team structure and roles
Guidelines and codes of conduct
Crisis control and webcare
Future Digital trends
How to design a strategy which will stand the test of time

Through the course of the two days we record all the new ideas, suggestions and insights that come out of the workshop and edit this into a document which brings together the outcomes of the workshop.

This provides an invaluable tool from which to work, when either planning for the short term or looking at the wider digital strategy for a museum.

We also use this document as an opportunity to suggest further reading in the form of links to projects which we think may be useful in developing ideas further.

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