Creating interesting tweets for your Museum

Lets face it, some Museums don’t use Twitter for much more then broadcasting events listings, and press releases about upcoming exhibition, but to attract a good following on Twitter, you need to create content that people really want to read.

Here are a few tips for creating more interesting tweets for your Museum:

1. Add pictures
There are lots of ways of getting links to pictures in to your tweets, Twitpic pictured above is one of the most popular. You could post pictures of a new exhibition being built, an event or exhibition opening or even objects from your collection.

2. Fact of the day
Did something relevant to your collection happen on this day in history? Do you have an interesting fact about a historic figure connected to your exhibitions which you could share with your followers? Why not have a fact of the day?

3. Visitors video and pictures
Have you found pictures posted onYouTube or Flickr by your visitors? If not have a look and you might be surprised how many you find. Could you link to a picture or video of the week?

4. Ask a question
Ask you followers something, this could be for their opinion on something or it could be a weekly Museum quiz relating to your collections.

5. Twitter as a historic figure
Got an exhibition connected to a historic figure? Can you get your curators to help you to write tweets as that individual, do you have a diary which you could tweet extracts from?

6. What is going on behind the scenes
Museums are interesting places, and people are interested in what is going on behind the scenes, tell your followers about some of these experiences.

7. Retweet
Has somebody said something nice about a visit to your Museum on Twitter? When they do, be sure to share that with the rest of your followers by retweeting their comment.

8. Talk to people
Check daily for people talking about your Museum using the Twitter search facility, and answer peoples questions and contribute to these conversations.


This article was written by Jim Richardson, founder of MuseumNext and managing director of Sumo, an agency with a reputation for developing innovative digital marketing.

Jim regularly speaks at conferences and contributes to publications on social media and digital marketing.

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