Instagram for museums

Instagram is a photo sharing App for iPhone, which allows people to share real-time photos with their followers. Over 12 million people from all over the world are using the free App.

Instagram makes sharing photos, and looking at pictures from the people your following effortless, through an intuitive interface which delivers what could be described as a ‘visual Twitter’, a stream of pictures from around the world which give you a glimpse into people’s lives.

I feel that Instagram can offer museums a great platform to connect with the public, afterall museums are visual places and this makes it easy to capture and share pictures of events, objects and exhibitions in seconds.

Instagram also allows you to share your pictures in to Twitter and Facebook making it even more useful. Rather then seeing Instagram as yet another social media platform that you would need to create content for, you can use it as a tool to put pictures on your existing networks, and in doing so, also tip your toe into this new social arena.

Brooklyn Museum is one of the first institutions to use Instagram, and after posting just 111 photo’s they have 6595 followers. Followers are interacting with Brooklyn Museum by commenting on the images they post, or simply by liking them.

Getting started.

- Download the Instagram App (iPhone / iPod only)
- Secure your museums username
- Post a few pictures and experiment with the filters
- Share content into Facebook and Twitter
- Tell your followers in these networks that your now on Instagram
- Ask for feedback
- Interact with followers
- Show your museum in new and interesting ways
- Use hashtags
- Use the Instagram API to put the pictures on your website

2 Responses to “Instagram for museums”

  1. Katie says:

    Pinterest is another interesting app that could be used like instagram. It’s also a website, so android users can access it.

  2. matthieu v says:

    The Brooklyn Museum is doing a great job on Instagram by showing what’s happening behind the scenes (such as an artist installing a new show). This documentary approach is meaningful since it uses the specific features of a social platform to propose a new experience. It really makes sense to me. The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (@MAM) is starting the same experiment through their PR officer account (fanny_alma).

    The MoMA is experimenting quizzes on Instagram by posting details of famous paintings followers have to recognize. The first quizzes displayed masterpieces but a focus on some lesser-known pieces could make it fun to browse the museum collection in the framework of a specific quest. In this case the different comments posted by the followers may lead to the right answer by creating a collective experience.

    Please comment if you have any other museum in mind !