What do people want from museums on Facebook?

During April 2011 MuseumNext ran an online survey about Facebook and the way that museums should use the world’s most popular social network. This survey was posted on the fan pages of several museums and we are grateful to those institutions for their help.

The research has some interesting results, especially when compared with the research into how museums should use Twitter which we published last week.

43% of respondents stated that they are aged 25 – 35. The over 65 age group is especially weak, with just 1% of those who responded to our survey stating that they were in this age group. This is despite our survey into UK social media usage stating that over 50% of over 65 year olds are using social media.

As with Twitter, those who interact with museums on Facebook are likely to be fans of a number of institutions, suggesting opportunities to work together to cross-promote activities.

When asked why they chose to ‘like’ a museum the majority of people did so in order to find out about upcoming exhibitions, while a large percentage also chose to do so in order to show support for the institution.

When asked what a museum should use Facebook for promoting exhibitions scored highly. We have linked to a PDF with the full answers we received below.

Finally, 83% of those questioned felt that they would be more likely to visit an exhibition if a friend recommended it. This is lower than the percentage we found in the Twitter Survey but still substantial.

To see the full data on how those who took our survey feel museums should use Facebook. Click to download a PDF of full responses.

8 Responses to “What do people want from museums on Facebook?”

  1. Noémie says:

    Very interesting and thanks for sharing… How many people did answer to your survey? Is it possible to know which museum fan pages participate to this survey?

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  3. Pedro says:

    Hi! Interesting survey! If you don’t mind I will run a one-question version (question 4) of it in our museum facebook (Museo Egidio Feruglio), to see what our readers think. Good job! Regards, Pedro

  4. As I just posted on the twitter version of results, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to (for free!) take this data to a deeper level of analysis. If you can send me the raw data, I’d be happy to. Might be a cool future session at the conference…

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  7. Helen says:

    Thanks – useful stats for making a convincing proposal to management for ventures into Facebook…

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